Lisa Runs on Ramen

— running 26.2 and having foodie adventures too!

Welcome to my running blog!

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Welcome, readers! My name is Lisa, and I am a runner and foodie from NYC. I’ve secretly wanted to start a blog for awhile, and today is the day when I finally took the plunge! It took me ten years of running and 27 marathons and ultras (sometimes I lose count–I actually had to look that up) to say that MAYBE I have gained enough experience to finally blog about it. I have a fabulous sister who also happens to be a great food blogger, and I’ve sung her blog’s praises for the past few years before I jumped on the bandwagon myself. I’ve always enjoyed writing, taking pictures of my travels, and documenting things, and the web seems like a good place to share it all. I live in the most vibrant, diverse city in the world, and yet I am always chasing after more adventures and knowledge that you can only gain as a traveler. I’ll be posting about some of my running experiences, starting from 2012, some of my food adventures, and whatever thoughts come my way.


Me at the finish line of the Big Sur Marathon, 4/29/12


Author: runsonramen

I'm a marathoner and ultrarunner who loves to eat! Wants to encourage other people to run, connect through foodie adventures, and live every day with positive energy.

One thought on “Welcome to my running blog!

  1. Cute blog name! Can’t wait to read future posts 🙂

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