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Nike Women’s Half Marathon, dinner parties and 100-mile training


So, I officially signed up for the Bear 100 miler!!  It takes place September 27-28 and runs from Logan, UT to Bear Lake, ID. I’m nervous, as I know it’s a gnarly course and it’s only my 2nd 100-miler, but I’m very stubborn and I am determined to finish. I have a good track record, finishing all 165 races (according to that I have ever started. If I do go down, it won’t be without a fight! Plus, I will be running with a great training partner, Shane, and I have been going to SoulCycle spinning classes 4-6 times a week as part of my fitness regimen.

How do I train for ultras? I have two rules:

1) Run when I’m tired, with little recovery period in between.

2) Eat lots of good food to keep me happy.

I’m happy to say that I’ve adhered to Rules #1 and #2 the past month. My running schedule after the London Marathon was:

4/28/13: Nike Women’s half marathon in DC (Result: 1:59:19)

5/4/13: Capital City Half Marathon, Columbus, OH (Result: 2:07)

5/12/13: Japan Day 4-miler: 34:01

5/18/13: Brooklyn Half Marathon: 1:52:29 (new PR by 5 seconds!)

Upcoming: Dirty German 50-miler (Philadelphia), 5/26/13

I also wanted to thank everyone for voting for me in the Team Refuel contest–I was one of the top 2 vote-getters in March, so I won a $500 grant, $300 worth of running gear, and free entry to Rock n Roll races! I am really grateful for your support!

As far as my “eating schedule,” some epic meals I’ve had were: a really awesome New American food dinner party hosted by chefs Richard and Mike (invited by my friend Eva), eating a 3-course meal of mushroom-based foods at the Cornell Club with a former professor of mine–Professor George Hudler, who taught “Magical Mushrooms and Mischievous Molds,” going to a Siam Supper hosted by Lotus of Siam (Las Vegas) at the LuckyRice food festival, and attending Day 2 of the GoogaMooga festival.

Supper Club hosted by chefs Richard and Mike:

Cured egg with ricotta and Pimento peppers

Cured egg with ricotta and Pimento peppers

Mushrooms 5 ways with pea puree

Mushrooms 5 ways with pea puree

Pork belly with apples

Pork belly with apples

handmade pasta with parmesan cheese and pork tongue

handmade pasta with parmesan cheese and pork tongue

Everything was so tasty but I think my favorite was the pork belly. The apples were the perfect complement to the dish. The dinner took place in April and it was so good that I’m still dreaming about it a month later 🙂 Thanks Eva, Chefs Mike and Richard! Richard used to work at The NoMaD in NYC.


Nike Women’s Half Marathon recap:

Once again, my lovely friends Diane and Deb gave me and my friend Beth  a warm welcome to DC. There are so many good races and Ragnar Relays in the area, so I find myself coming here several times a year to run. Beth and I signed up for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon because we wanted to earn a Tiffany’s silver necklace at the finish line!

We had dinner at Jaleo, a tapas restaurant. Even though I don’t usually drink before a half marathon, I made an exception and tried the sangria. We also had beef-based paella and bacon-wrapped dates, plus some other fried dishes. It was all so good!!

Dinner at Jaleo

Dinner at Jaleo

The day after, Beth and I met up with my friend Lauren and her friends for a lovely European-style brunch at Cafe Leopold. I had truffle oil grits with a poached egg and charcuterie. We had started the day with Diane cooking a lovely brunch for us, then going to the pre-race expotique. It was a lot of good food and we were sufficiently carbed up.



Late brunch with Lauren and friends

Late brunch with Lauren and friends

Nike Women's race expotique

Nike Women’s race expotique

On the actual race day, the race started at 7am so we were up bright and early. I got a really good spot near the stage, so I saw special guests Shalane Flanagan and Joan Benoit Samuelson very clearly! They both wore Nike Boston Red Sox shirts and we had a moment of silence to honor the Boston Marathon bombing victims.

Everything was pretty well organized at the start and finish, which was impressive since there were 17,000 women milling about. The race course was beautiful and the weather was perfect. I still had a slight cough from the London Marathon but I tried not to let that bother me too much. I was pushing hard because I wanted a sub-2:00 finish, so unfortunately I was in discomfort 90% of the time!

The course was somewhat similar to the Cherry Blossom 10-miler but the finish was closer to Federal Triangle. I liked the motivational signs along the course, and I thought of the beautiful Tiffany & Co. necklace I would get at the finish line!

As I neared mile 12, I realized if I pushed hard I could just squeak by under 2 hours. I ignored my legs that protested my post-London soreness, and just went for it. I ran a 1:59:19, hurrah!

The Necklace

The Necklace

Me and Beth at the finish line

Me and Beth at the finish line


Post-race, I got a haircut for charity (only $15) benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, then Beth and I headed back to Diane’s house to relax. We had an early dinner at Matchbox pizza, then convinced Diane and Deb to run with us next year. Looking forward to my next trip to DC! Thanks to all my friends that shared their weekends with me!


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I'm a marathoner and ultrarunner who loves to eat! Wants to encourage other people to run, connect through foodie adventures, and live every day with positive energy.

2 thoughts on “Nike Women’s Half Marathon, dinner parties and 100-mile training

  1. Ah Lisa did I miss you in Philly this past weekend?! Hope it was a good race as it was relatively nice running weather! Matt Frazier over at No Meat Athlete is training for a 100-miler as well – you might want to check out the conversations and resources he has there for some inspiration (even though I know you’ve done it before!). GOOD LUCK and keep running happy! Talk soon!

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